Monday, January 21, 2013

Adding a New Member to the Family

Diaper Baby by Corina

Some of you may not know that I work full-time, go to school full-time, and still manage to keep up with my family. Sometimes i am not sure how I have done it for so long, but the smiles and encouragement keep me going. Just so you all know, I love my little family just the way it is. It is little and very easy to manage. Especially with my hectic schedule.

You know what that means right? I am comfortable where I am at, so something has to give. I was recently told that I will be adding a grand daughter to my little brood. That is not too bad right? I will be done with school March 29th (Hallelujah!) and I will have more time to cuddle with a new peanut in the family.

The day after I found out that I was going to have a new grand daughter my best friend called to say that her son was going to add a baby too. He will be adding a baby boy to their family. Her children are exactly the same ages as my children and they were raised together. So her family is really just an extension of mine. Now I am adding two new ones to my little brood. That won't be so bad.

Then the text message came. You know they say things happen in threes.... The 15 year old daughter of my best friend is also pregnant. My response? HOLY COW! One she is 15. Two, a third baby is coming! This is going to get chaotic fast!

I start to think that maybe we can figure this out. How can we coordinate? What are the due dates? As time goes on due dates change several times between the two older expectant parents. Then it hits me. They are due one day apart! UGH! Now I am panicking. I know that due dates are estimates and the babies will come when they are ready, but how can I possibly be in two places at the same time? Sigh. Fortunately, the third baby is due a few months later so I might have a few moments of breathing time in between.

For now, it is time to plan. Baby showers, furniture shopping, and clothes shopping. Buy one in blue and one in pink. I am starting to understand what it would be like to be the grandmother of twins.My little family will nearly double in the next several months. Watch out world, Grammy is expanding!