Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Let me start this post by saying I am on vacation. Please forgive any typos in my posts.

I have been traveling for the last five days. I knew that internet would be limited while here in South Africa...but where did I find it? In the tents way up in the middle of no where!

So far South Africa is not at all what I expected. I will post a complete quite up and fill  you all in as soon as I get back. Until then I will try and sneak in the unexpected photos as I can find internet.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wraptastic Review

I received a sample of Wraptastic free for in exchange of this review.

WRAPTASTIC ™ The super smart dispenser   Official TV Site

Over the years, I have learned to fear the drawer that I keep that I keep my plastic wrap and aluminum foil in. I am not afraid because it is a mess or because I am afraid of what I might find hidden in the drawer. What I fear is the dreaded metal blade that sits on the edge of the plastic wrap and foil boxes. I cannot tell you how many times I have run my fingers across that serated edge unintentionally.

Wraptastic is a new product that is designed to hold your aluminum foil, wax paper, or plastic wrap. If you purchase a standard size roll (not the extra long rolls) you can slide the roll right into the Wraptastic. Once you have your choice of material inside, you can label the small clear window on the top with the material you chose. The blade that I love to find hidden in my drawer, is hidden inside the Wraptastic.

I found that using the Wraptastic was easy. Once I loaded the aluminum foil into my Wraptastic, it was as easy as pulling the foil with one hand and pushing the lid to cut the foil with the other. No cuts on my hands and no funny tear lines. I really enjoy using my Wraptastic and find that I am willing to use more aluminum foil than before since it is so easy.  I would love to purchase a second one to use with my plastic wrap since it is so easy to use.

Disclaimer: I received the product above at no charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OOFOS Review

When it comes to my feet, I am extremely picky. I like shoes that fit well and provide maximum support. I am all about how the shoe makes me feel after a long day of walking and standing.

OOFOS has created shoes that are both comfortable and practical for everyday wear. When I was given the opportunity to review a pair at no charge, I was ready to jump for joy.

I received the OOcloog in plum. I figured that I should pick a shoe that would provide support, comfort, and not show dirt since I tend to get my shoes dirty.

When I put on my OOcloog's I was surprised to feel the arch support. I have always been told that I have "ballerina" feet since I have high arches. So when I could feel the arch support resting against my foot, I was in heaven. I immediately knew that they would provide great support for my feet. 

The OOcloog is made with OOFoam technology that is soft and supportive for your feet. The
OOFoam is designed to absorb shock and lessen any foot pain you may have, reduces foot fatigue, and is designed to help rejuvenate your feet.

For my real test for my OOcloog's, I wore them for a 12 hour shift. During my regular work day, I can stand and walk for 12 hours a day on concrete floors. That is not only hard on my feet, but also hard on my shoes. I find that my shoes break down more frequently that others that I know due to my physical job.

I found that my feet were not nearly as tired at the end of the day. The best way to tell you how my feet felt is to tell you what I did not feel. Normally after a long day of standing and walking on hard floors, I get home and take my shoes off. There is usually a small relief when I take my shoes off. Like a little pain is relieved with the added blood flow. When I wore my
OOcloog's, I took my shoes off after a long day, and I felt....nothing. No pain in my feet. No feeling of the circulation rushing back in. No aches. It was pure OO and ahh!

These are shoes you will just need to test out for yourself. OOFOS are available at limited retailers nationwide or online in the OOFOS store.

 Disclaimer: I received the product described above at no charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Friday, June 7, 2013

BlueSteel Review

With Father's Day right around the corner, I have been searching for a new and unusual gift for my husband. Usually I have resorted to power tools, but I just want something unusual this year. After nearly 25 years of marriage what do you get for your spouse. I know that I have a great husband and that he deserves to stand out just as much an I do. That is where Blue Steel comes in.

I was given the opportunity to choose a ring from Blue Steel for a review. So why not find one for my husband instead of myself. (Being unselfish should win be brownie points too) So I did. I picked out an unusual blue titanium ring.

Now, considering I  picked this out for Father's Day, I had to keep this ring a secret until then. I placed my order and had the ring at my front door two days later.  When the ring arrived, I was quick to grab it and tuck it aside to keep it out of view from my husband. The ring is a nice bright blue stripes on a silver tone and has a nice weight to it. Since the metal is titanium, I know that it will hold up to the abuse that my husband will put it through.

If you are looking for a creative gift idea for a friend, spouse, or even yourself, Blue Steel has some great choices that are unique and will stand out from other pieces of jewelry. All of the pieces are very reasonable priced too. 

Disclaimer: I received the product described above at no charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.