Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Torani syrups- not just for coffee any more #SSTorani

As some of you may know, I have a big sweet tooth. I can never seem to get enough. Recently I was chosen to participate in a program for She Speaks to sample and review Torani flavored syrups. I was told that the flavors would be random but one would be a seasonal flavor and the other would be a everyday flavor.

The box arrived at my door and I was beyond excited. I grabbed a knife and cut it open. I received a bottle of sugar free Pumpkin Pie and a bottle of Hazelnut. Sorry Torani, but I loath anything with nutmeg, so the sugar free pumpkin pie was given away. I did however immediately open up the bottle of hazelnut syrup and got to work with my Keurig and frothed milk. With the cold weather already here, a hazelnut latte hit the spot! The hazelnut syrup is not too sweet and has a light woody taste just like a real hazelnut! I was very impressed.

I found Torani flavored syrups in my local store and immediately grabbed a bottle of caramel. After reading some of the recipes on Torani's site, I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of  making so many coffee drinks (not that I do not love my coffee), I thought I would try something new. I added 1/2 T of the Torani caramel syrup to my whipping cream and made a caramel flavored whipped cream for topping ice cream, chocolate cake and hot chocolate. Oh my was that good!! If I keep this up with all of the flavors, I will need to switch to the sugar free varieties fast! 

Torani does makes numerous other flavors. In fact, I believe there is a flavor for everyone. You can see the full line of Torani syrups and buy and flavor online at If you use the promo code shespeaks you can save 10%. If you would prefer, you can also use the store locator function on their website to see if Torani is available at a store near you here.

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