Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brew Over Ice Review

Brew Over Ice

I was recently sent a Brew Over Ice gift pack to test out and review. I am a big coffee and tea drinker, so this was a big bonus for me. I have never used my Keurig to brew cold beverages and with the hot weather, there is no better time to start.

Using a Keurig has always been simple. Now I know that making a cold beverage is just as easy. Just a few modifications to brewing a hot beverage. Just follow the simple steps below.

Pick you Brew Over Ice K-cup

Insert the K-cup into your brewer and close the top of the Keurig
Place large cup full of ice under the brewer

Press brew and you are done!

To clarify, I chose to brew coffee over ice and add a little milk and a spoonful of white chocolate powder. I could not resist trying a white chocolate mocha for my first iced beverage. Yes it was delicious!

This was a great way to make a yummy cold beverage at home. I only ran into one issue. That is that most of the ice melted from the hot coffee brewing over it. I did find that reducing the brew temperature of my Keurig helped a little, but I think a little bigger cup is better if you are going to add anything to the beverage you brew.

Now that I know I can brew iced teas and cold coffee beverages, I am a little delirious. Could it possibly be a little too much caffeine and all of the money I am saving by avoiding over priced coffee shops? Yes!!

If you currently own a Keurig and would like a $2 coupon to try a Brew Over Ice product you can go HERE.

You can also play a game on the Brew Over Ice website for a chance to win $10,000!! Who would not want a chance at free money?

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