Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time to Show Your Disney Side

Anyone that has kids knows all about Disney. In fact, sometimes I bet you feel like you know every character from every Disney movie made. It is okay, we are all kids at heart!

Show Your Disney Side
Because we all have a little kid hidden inside and secretly we all love the trips with our kids to Disney theme parks, I hosted a Disney @home party. What better way to let the fun (and little kid in us) pour out?

I had so much fun planning and setting up for my Disney Side party. How many ways can you create Disney fun? I made cupcakes and a round cake with white frosting and let the kids decorate them. Remember that creativity and imagination are all part of the Disney fun. I hid Disney characters all over the house and sent the parents and kids on a scavenger hunt with a hidden treasure all set up for the winner of the scavenger hunt.

After a day of fun, food, and drinks, everyone that attended is now ready to plan a group trip to Disneyland. 

Disclaimer: I received products for free to help set up my DisneySide party. All opinions are my own.

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