Monday, January 23, 2012

Elfishki and the Giant Cake Review and #Giveaway

This weekend I downloaded the book Elfishki and the GiantCake from the iTunes store.  I figured the book would be perfect for the 3 year old in my house. Once the book was on my iPad we were off to sit on the couch to test out a new story.
The storyline:
Elfishki and the Giant Cake is a story about Maggie a baker that is tasked with baking a special birthday cake for a party. Maggie has a very special apprentice, a gargoyle that was sprayed with magic potion and brought to life. All of the Elfishki people were invited to celebrate this special birthday.  
On the special day, Maggie and Gargoyle were working hard on getting the cake made. Gargoyle was so overwhelmed that ran into the oven, turning it into a pile of bricks. Maggie was in need of help and fast. Maggie went to Elfizz, the owner of the Chest of Ghosts, a local restaurant,  and a very clever magician that gave Maggie the creeps. They worked together, even with their varying styles and tastes, to create a cake for My Thomas’ Birthday.

My review:
The Book:
After sitting on the couch with a 3 year old reading, playing and interacting with Elfishki and the Giant Cake, I was impressed. The colors are bright and cheery, the sound effects are fun and the interaction ability is great. The way the book is designed, you can interact with each page. Press a button on the screen and it will ask you a question like, “How many goblets are on this page? Or identify all of the round objects on the page.”  There are even hints to explain what a goblet is for the younger kids.  If you press a picture on the screen, the object will move. Touch the bat, he drops his berry, touch Cupid and she shoots her bow! 
The Game:
And if you thought that was plenty to keep your child interested in reading, there is a game feature added. Your child can sit down and make their own version of a birthday cake.  Using objects from Elfizz and Maggie. Once your child has added all of the snails, peppers, and frosting they want, they can take a picture of the cake and email it to a friend!
Anyone that knows me, knows that my household is usually chaotic. My 3 year old is hyperactive to put it nicely. Elfishki and the Giant Cake was a nice way to get him to sit still and truly involved in a book. He had a blast interacting with the story and was more than will to make a cake, or ten, when we were done with the story.

What’s inside:

* educational fairy tale story for kids
* animated pictures
* original music and sound effects
* comprehension questions
* a game to boost children’s imagination and creativity

The Giveaway:
I have a code for 3 lucky readers. Yup, I said 3. This book currently only works with iPads with iOS 4.3 or higher. It is a quick and easy download so get ready to enter.
To qualify for a code, please comment below with the person that you would share this story with. For an extra entry, please follow me publicly on GFC and let me know in a separate comment. The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified by email. This contest is open until January 31, 2012.

The Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Elka Palka Production in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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