Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shave Well Shower Mirror Review

My husband was so excited when I received the chance to review the Shave Well shower mirror because his current fog free mirror fogs up. As soon as it hit my door, my husband took off with it. He immediately installed it in the shower, took a shower, then came out to complain that it fogged up. When I asked him if he held the mirror under the water for a few seconds, he asked me why. And they wonder why we make fun of them. The 2nd time my husband went to use the mirror, he held it under the water for a few seconds and could not stop talking about how it didn't fog up. I also tested the mirror. Clearly not to shave my face with, but just to see how "fog free," it was. I was actually very surprised. The mirror did not fog up at all.

The hook sticks to the shower so that you can have your hands free. Don't worry, the mirror easy comes off of the hook so you can run it under the warm water and put it back without any issues.
To clean it Shave Well recommends using toothpaste, which will eliminate any water spots.

You can watch the short video of the product below

What did we think? 
I have to say we because I did not use this product to shave with. So I can only tell you what I noticed over the couple of times that I tested it out to make sure that it was, and stayed, fog free. My husband is absolutely in love with the mirror. He is truly enjoying a shower mirror that does not fog up in the middle of shaving.

How to get your own:
For more information please visit the Shave Well website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. To purchase you can also find this product on Amazon:

Disclaimer: I was given the product mentioned above in order to conduct this review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in exchange for the product.

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