Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cuddleuppets Review

cuddleuppets review, mommy's memorandum 

What is a Cuddleuppet? A Cuddleuppet is a blanket and a Puppet in one. They come in eight fun designs: Blue Elephant, Unicorn, Pink Lady Bug, Green Crocodile, Pink Poodle, Purple Monkey, Brown Bea, and a Yellow Puppy.
When I received my Cuddleuppet I was excited. I knew that the 4 year old in my house would be excited to have it. He is a complete blanket freak and a puppet would only add to the comfort and fun.

Close up of the elephant face

I received a blue elephant blanket which was ideal for the young boy in my house. To my surprise, the blue elephant design is no longer available on their website. Although, I was able to find the elephant available on Amazon.

When I opened the blanket I was very surprised to feel how soft it was. The fabric is was a child looks for in comfort and security. The blanket measures 28 inches by 39 inches. This is not a large blanket, but it is the ideal size for a small child to enjoy. There are no parts on the Cuddleuppet that will come off and harm a a child. You can see in the photo above that the eyes are not hard plastic.

The puppet is on the edge of the blanket and is in an easy location for the child to play with it even when covered up with the blanket. There are feet stitched into the corners also, The stitching is well done and the puppet itself is very cute. The opening for the puppet is small, but my adult sized hand fit in it just fine. However, my husband’s hand would not fit in the puppet.

 The blanket has provided numerous hours of play and even more of comfort while laying down and watching TV. I only have two small issues with my Cuddleuppet. The first is trying to keep it at home and not allowing it to go to daycare. I have a feeling the kids at the daycare would want to play at nap time instead of sleep. The other issue I have is that my dog has claimed the blanket when the child is not home. Thank goodness the Cuddleuppet is washable!

Disclaimer: I received the product described above at no charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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