Friday, March 27, 2015

MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review #MeasuPro

Disclaimer: I received the product described below at no charge, however all opinions are my own and I only recommend products that I feel are suitable for my family and readers.

I always look for the best products for my family. That includes making sure that my family remains healthy. As a nurse I look for high quality products that will hold up to continuous use and the occasional drop on the floor.

I spent the last two weeks using the  MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff on my patients and my family. I made sure that I put it through a rigorous test. Here is what I found.

For patient use, it is quick and easy. Since my patients are all in the geriatric population, I would like to see that the wrist cuff is a little more flexible. The stiffer material inside to hold the shape can pinch thin shin and I had several patients verbalize it was uncomfortable putting it on. The accuracy was perfect. Considering that this is going on a wrist, I was impressed.

For home use, I loved it. I immediately tested it on myself. Just like anyone else would, right? I set myself up as patient #1. Then I went and popped it on my husbands wrist. he was patient #2. After placing it on my husband and hitting start, I walked away. When I returned, the MeasuPro was sitting on the counter. I immediately asked my husband what his blood pressure was. His reply, " I don't remember and the machine turned off." I hit the #2 button and his blood pressure popped up. 153/97. BUSTED! For those of you that may not know, that is too high.

My final test was for a young child. The namesake of this blog. He is currently 7 years old and was placed on a new medication that is regularly used to decrease blood pressure. No he does not have high blood pressure at 7. He is being treated for epilepsy with chronic insomnia and ADHD. This is all new to this family as we have dealt with sleepless nights for the last 5 years. Even though I work in the medical field, does not mean that I want to shove medications at my child. But we were convinced to start a trial of medications.  The first 10 days of the new medication were a low dose, but I was still panicked. The doctor set up all sorts of rules stating things like, no fluids after 6pm. Take the pill and climb right into bed. Make sure to use the restroom before taking the pill to ensure you do not need to get up after taking the pill. If any of those are not a red flag, I am not sure what would be. So for the first night, I check his blood pressure throughout the night to make sure he did not drop too low. After day 10, the dose doubled and I repeated the same process. They may have started treatment for insomnia for him, but they may be treating me next.... ugh.

Overall, the MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a great unit to use in your home. It is accurate, easy to use, and holds up to continuous use well.

Product Description:
The BPM-50W allows you to monitor your vital blood pressure and pulse rate readings while providing you with the knowledge you need to maintain and improve your health. This automation blood pressure monitor is equipped with 2 user storage profiles, which makes it easy to store and organize readings. Measurements taken are stored in the correct user's profile by simply pressing the user's number icon. Results of the measurements will display with the corresponding backlight color in accordance with the classification of the blood pressure by the American Heart Association. Measurements are taken through a fast and easy process using Measure and Inflate technology. The BPM-50W records up to 120 blood pressure readings, 60 readings per user, with date and time memory recall. It also calculates and averages your blood pressure based on the last 3 readings and detects irregular heartbeats and any arrhythmias. The MeasuPro blood pressure monitor ships with 2 AAA batteries (included), cuff fits wrist circumference of 13.5 cm - 21.5 cm, user manual. 2-year manufacturer's warranty included.

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