Friday, May 22, 2015

My Little Big Pillow Review #mylittlebigpillow

Disclaimer: I received the product described below at no charge or a reduced price to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Before receiving and trying the My Little big Pillow
I never thought about a pillow for my toddler. She always snuggled up to her blanket and appeared comfortable.

Now that I have introduced the My Little Big Pillow to my two-year-old, I will never get it back! She loves it. She immediately took to the pillow. As a mom, I was a little nervous giving a pillow to a toddler, but so far so good. Besides, how can I go wrong with an organic memory foam pillow.

The case that comes with the pillow is soft! I actually thought that there was not a case since the zipper was so well hidden. The pillow really is the perfect size for a little head. It is really too small to fit in a standard pillow case, but in order to coordinate and keep the pillow clean, I tucked it inside a standard case.

Product Description from Snugg Organic:
Organic premium shredded latex pillow for toddlers and children age 2+. shredded latex is the most premium filling for pillows and that's why we have decided to use it as a filling for our children's pillows. 'My Little Big
Pillow' has been designed to provide the optimum sleep for children. Its perfect size means it is not too small like most other toddler pillows, yet still the right depth to provide the correct support for your little ones head, neck and spine. It comes with an organic soft cotton case, is hypoellergenic, dust mite resistant and durable. Each pillow has a lifelong gurantee.

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