Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get zAPPed with Hasbro


Battleship zAPPed
Product Description:
Battle aliens and protect the planet on your iPad with BATTLESHIP zAPPed edition! After you download the free app, you can play your BATTLESHIP game and iPad together. Go on epic missions around the globe to hunt down alien targets – and destroy them! Choose one of the 3 zAPP ships and set it on the screen. Your iPad will recognize your battleship, aircraft carrier or destroyer, and put each ship’s super weapons at your fingertips! Who will win the iPad battle of you versus the aliens? There’s only one way to find out! Play your BATTLESHIP game and iPad together with BATTLESHIP zAPPed Edition! Hunt aliens on your iPad! Works with your iPad (iPad required, not included). Choose from battleship, aircraft carrier or destroyer zAPP ships. Your iPad recognizes your ship! Each ship has its own super weapons!
Battleship Movie Zapped edition is a great new game for a single player. Don’t be fooled by the name. This is not the classic game of Battleship that we all knew as children. This is a new updated version designed for your iPad. Grab your iPad and download a quick app and start shooting the alien ships. Take down alien ships, find your fleet, and finish missions. This is an easy to use and entertaining game for all ages and has been a huge hit with the entire family.

SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition Image

SpellShot zAPPed 

Product Description: 
Cast spells head-to-head on your iPad with SPELLSHOT zAPPed edition! When you download the free app to your iPad (iPad required, not included), you can play your Wizard and iPad together! Choose from 4 Wizards and battle through the Island and Jungle worlds. Your iPad will recognize your Wizard and put incredibly cool battle spells at your fingertips! Who will win the iPad battle of spells? There’s only one way to find out! Play your Wizard and iPad together with SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition! Cast spells on your iPad! Works with your iPad (iPad required, not included). Choose from Air Wizard BREEZICUS, Fire Wizard NOXIUS, Tree Wizard LANDOR or Water Wizard STORMICA. Your iPad recognizes your wizard! 2 magical worlds!

Spellhot zAPPed Edition is another battle game that uses adorable characters. SpellShot is a two player game. The characters are the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You are on a mission of casting spells and collecting treasure.  This is a great interactive app that was very easy to play. I was amazed that the app knew which character I was placing on the screen. The colors in this application are wonderfully captivating and show that there was a lot of love put into the creation.  This has become a great way for us to add a little change to our family game nights.

You can get zAPPed for under $18 and would be a perfect stocking stuffer. Neither of these games are designed for small children due to the small pieces that interact with the iPad.

Disclosure: I was sent the products above at no charge to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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