Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cleopatras Choice: Adovia Mineral Lift Review

As I get older, my wrinkles get deeper. I am always looking for something that will help hide the fact that I am aging. For the last two weeks I have been using Adovia Mineral Lift from Cleopatra's Choice. Adovia Mineral Lift is made with Dead Sea minerals, green tea, and vitamin C combined with modern science to provide the benefits of nature and science for the best results. 

The first time I used Adovia Mineral Lift I was a little worried. The product comes is a small bottle with a pump top and when I went to use it, it was a lot thinner than I expected and it almost slid right off my hand. Once I knew that the product was thinner than most serums, I was okay. 

Photo before use

The serum is very light weight. There is not really a scent to the product. What is there is light and reminds me of the smell of table salt. I have been using anywhere from a pump to a pump and a half worth of serum every morning and applying my make-up right over the top. Adovia Mineral Lift is not greasy in any way. So far, I think that is my favorite part. I like that I can apply the serum and then my make-up right over the top and not have an oily appearance. 

After about 10 days of use I have noticed that the dry flaky skin between my eyebrows has disappeared. My wrinkles are still there (darn it) but they also look a little less noticeable. Especially my crows feet. 

I think that I will have more results with more use. Honestly for the price of  Adovia Mineral Lift I am noticing more results than with my name brand product that has a similar price tag. You can read more about Adovia Mineral lift here.

Disclosure: I received the product described above at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and may vary from your own.

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