Friday, October 5, 2012

Dragon Costume Review

With Halloween just around the corner, parents everywhere are looking for the perfect costumes for their children. I recently had the opportunity to review a costume from and thought that it would be perfect for providing information to my readers about their options for Fall costume ideas.

The Retailer: is a internet retailer that sells costumes designed for kids of all ages. Yes, that includes adults too. They have designs ranging from Angry Birds to Zombies. There are also sizes to fit infants, toddlers, teens, women, men, and even plus size costumes. A definite go to website for your costume needs.

The Costume:
I needed to make sure that whatever I chose would be approved by my 4-year-old blog model, so I chose the green Dragon costume. I thought I could not go wrong with a dragon or something that is bright for the dark fall nights that are coming quickly.
The dragon costume comes with four pieces.
The head: This is a medium weight fabric that closes around the chin with velcro. There is a stuffed face of a dragon on the top that creates the head of the dragon
The Body: The body is a medium weight fabric that is a nice bright green. It is one piece that a child steps in to. There are wings stitched to the back and a well stuffed tail that is actually sewn into the body. Sometimes costumes have the tails stitched onto the outside.
The Hands: The hands of the dragon are created with two small mittens.

The Review:
When I opened the package I was slightly surprised by the higher quality of the material that this costume is made out of. The material is a nice weight and will definitely keep a child warmer on our cold Northwest nights. Since the costume is a "step in" style costume, it will also allow for clothing to be worn underneath to ensure the warmth of any child that wears it. With this particular level of quality, I know that the costume will survive several uses.
View of the back
The colors are bright and vibrant. I personally like the idea of the brighter colors. It allows for the definition of the scales on the costume and will allow for easy location of a child if they try to wander away.
The costume is completely decorated from top to bottom. Most of the dragon scales are created with varying coloration in the actual material that makes up the costume, but there are also extra editions. There are sewn in pieces to make up the spine of of the dragon and also very cute big brown eyes on the face of the dragon.

Overall this costume was a big hit. I was very pleased with the quality of the costume and my 4-year-old loved running around and acting like a dragon.

"Aww, why cant I go trick or treat?"
The only trick-or-treating tonight.

Disclaimer: I received the product described above free of charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and may vary from your own.


  1. That is a really great looking costume! I'll share this website with my friends who take their kiddos for trick or treat. :)

  2. This is awesome, lol; I need to start thinking "Costume" for my kids, poor guys.

  3. ooooh wow! I really love that! My little guy was a bat last year and he was so adorable! His costume was a lot like this one--soft and in several pieces like clothing--and, now, these are my favorite costumes. I like that he's comfortable and warm in addition to being super cute! I really love this little dragon costume; great idea!

    I'm following on GFC, now :)

    Daydreaming Realist