Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chance to win $250 From Invino Inclub

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Invino for Markerly. All opinions are 100% mine.

After a long week of working two jobs and taking care of my kids, I look forward to a little quiet time to relax and unwind. I also look forward to some social interaction with my friends. Even though my everyday life does not allow much time for myself, I manage to squeeze some time in once in a while.

Enjoying a nice glass of wine is one way that I have found allows me to unwind a little from my bust schedule and socialize with my friends. What I have found is that I am not the best at picking out high quality wines that my friends and I all enjoy. With so many blends and years, I often find myself at a loss in the wine aisle.

Here is where the inclub comes in. Invino inclub is a wine club with a twist. You can set up a budget and a delivery schedule. The best part, you can change your preferences at anytime! There is a quick easy quiz to help guide you through some of the wines that you may enjoy.

When you sign up to choose your delivery and budget options, you can also select the varieties that you would like to include in your future shipments. You can choose by color, variety, and region of the world. If you are unsure, like I am, you can just select them all. Then just sit back and wait for your shipment to arrive. Don't worry, you are covered under a Palate guarantee. If for any reason the quality or taste of the wine is not up to par with your expectations, just contact Invino and they will issue a credit to your account for the cost of the bottle.


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