Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Genie Bras Review

Disclaimer: I received items at no charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

For the last several years my daughter has struggled with finding a bra that fit and is comfortable. When I was offered a chance to review the Genie Bra, I was actually a little excited. I figured I would have my daughter test one and I would test the other. Boy was I wrong!

I allowed my daughter to pick the color that she wanted. So she grabbed them all. I had to chase her around to ensure that I received one to facilitate my honest review. After a few days, my daughter stopped me and said, "I hope you don't think that you will see any of these bras again." Um, what? She was so in love with the comfort and fit of the bra that I gave to her that she went and took mine too. So in all fairness, all of the opinions in this post are a combination of mine and hers and put into writing by me.

The Fit: The sizes are super easy to choose. The sizes are set to Small, medium, large, etc. Now if  you are a woman, you know that is not how we have shopped for bras....ever. Don't worry. They sizes are broke down in a way that is easy to understand. I ordered the size that I knew would work for me. When the bras arrived, I was a little scared since they appeared too small, but to my surprise, they did fit and fit well.

The Style: There are a couple of different looks to a Genie bra but the color offerings are expansive. The new fall color line has some great choices that will blend well under your fall wardrobe. The cut of the bras that I received has an appearance that is similar to some sports bras, with a pull over feature and wide straps. For my daughter, the wide straps were a plus because if they showed under a shirt, it just appeared like she was wearing a tank top under her shirt. Layering is in, right?

The Benefits: One of my biggest fears with a sports style bra is the lack of any lining. Genie has added a liner to the inside of their bras to ensure complete coverage. They have also managed to design the cut of their bra for full support without under wires that dig in under your arms or anywhere else for that matter. The color line is also a big plus. You can never go wrong with a color to match everything you own, right ladies? Finally, my favorite feature. They are washable! No need to hand wash, and lay flat to dry. That is heaven in itself.

If you need a comfortable bra or know someone that does, Genie has it. They are relatively inexpensive and in my opinion, well worth the cost.


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