Saturday, October 26, 2013

Infant/Toddler costume Review

Disclaimer: I received the product described below free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are by own.

With Halloween right around the corner, there could not be a better time to test out costumes, so when I was given an opportunity to review an infant/ toddler costume, I jumped at the chance.

Costume Discounters has an extensive choice of infant and toddler costumes.
I chose to review the Pinky Winky Infant Costume since I have a couple of little monsters running around my home.Once the costume arrived, I immediately opened it and started to play dress up with my 5 month old. That is what everyone does right?

Once I pulled the costume out of the package, I was immediately impressed with the quality. Some of the costumes that I have seen lately in retail stores have been just simple T-shirts and thin pants or tights. The Pinky Winky Infant costume is not either of those. It is made of a nice fluffy material and was decorated as I expected. The only thing I noticed, is that the costume needed a good shaking before actually putting it on my child to get off the loose fuzz, but that was quick and easy to resolve.

The feet of the costume are designed to look like little monster feet but the actual pads on the bottom are made with gripping material to keep your young child from slipping.  I think my favorite feature of this costume is the velcro openings. The back has a smaller velcro piece that opens up to allow for easy application over a child's head. There is also velco pieces along both legs to allow you to easily put the costume on a child or quickly change a diaper without removing the entire costume. 

Did you know monsters had dimples?
The Pinky Winky infants costume is just as cute on my child as it is shown on the website directly. I could not have asked for or picked a better costume to fit my little girl's personality.

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