Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just in Time for Halloween Build-A-Bear Lucky Kitty

Disclaimer: The item specified in the post below was provided at no charge. All opinions are my own.

 Who doesn't love to go into a Build-A-Bear with a young child to allow them to create a build a new friend of their own. Just in time for Halloween, Build-A-Bear Workshop has released a new line of characters and costumes for your child's special friends.

One of the new characters is Lucky Kitty.  She is a soft and furry black cat that is wonderful for any occasion, but made even better for the fall Halloween season. You can dress up Lucky in many new costumes or purchase her directly from Build-A-Bear with special accessories for the season.

I received the Wonderful Witch Lucky Kitty and was so surprised to see her accessories. I knew that she would be perfect for Halloween, but she is so adorable with her little kitty purse and sequin shoes. I was almost afraid to pull her out of the box. Then I decided to play kitty dress up!

Look at Lucky Kitty is her witch costume! She is now cute, fluffy, and in a witch costume. I am now convinced that Build-A-Bear was designed for kids of ALL ages. I have had so much fun dressing up my lucky kitty.

All of the items that came with my Wonderful Witch Lucky Kitty are high quality. The cute little sequin shoes have paw prints on the bottom of them. 

The new Wonderful Witch Lucky Kitty Accessories include:
  • Black and Orange Wig
  • Black Cat Tote bag
  • Sequin Shoes
  • Witch Dress
  • Headband with witch hat

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