Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Make Natural Choices For Your Family For Back To School

Make Natural Choices For Your Family For Back To School
Every purchase, of select products, during August through October, from Nordic Naturals will help Healthy Child Healthy World raise awareness about hidden chemicals.


 As parents we all try to do what is best for our children. From time to time we give in and buy them something we know that they probably should not have, but they are too cute to say "no" to. My house is not an exception to that rule. 

I have a 22 year old daughter that was diagnosed at the age of 19 with inoperable brain cancer. I also have a 4 year old that has epilepsy and cognitive delays. Both of my children were diagnosed with their health issues less than 3 months apart. I immediately went into "why" mode. Why me? Why a child? Why so young? The "why" mode transformed into the "what" mode. What is the cause of these issues? I started to research both brain cancer and epilepsy. I needed to know if there was a direct link to something I was doing or if it was totally out of my control ( I am a teeny bit of a control freak). 

After running into dead end after dead end, I asked everyone that I could think of if there was something that I could do to ease the symptoms or slow the progress. I immediately through out all plastic items from my house. I did not know what had BPA or PVC or anything else for that matter. I replaced all of my plastic containers with glass or BPA free plastics.

Then I removed everything from my house with artificial colors (red and yellow are a no no for epilepsy and ADHD). Then is was off to the cabinets. All cleaners had to go. I currently only use steam to kill germs in my house to avoid chemicals.

I removed all medications that could be replaced by a natural substance. all cold medicines and acetaminophen. I now only buy natural cold remedies and fever reducers. I clearly could not stop provided anti-seizure medications since that could cause life threatening problems, but I managed to remove an entire cabinet full of other items.

Clearly this has been done over time. It is too expensive to throw everything out and replace it all at once. It is my job as a mom to protect my children from harm. Unfortunately, harm is no longer just a stranger or falling out of a tree. It is in our food, water, medicines, cleaners, and many more day to day items. My family deserves to live in an environment that is safe from harm so I will do my best to protect them in any way that I can.

To learn more about how to keep your family safe you can visit Nordic Naturals or Healthy Child Healthy Worlds web site or social media sites.


Here is the best part. Nordic Naturals will donate a portion of proceeds from selected Nordic Naturals children’s products to Healthy Child Healthy World during its Back-to-School promotion, which will run from August 1st   through October 31st. One dollar of every bottle sold of the following products will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World:
  • Nordic Berries™ – chewy, sweet-and-sour multivitamins provide 100% of the daily value of the most essential nutrients
  • Nordic Omega-3 Gummies™ – easy-to-chew, omega-3 tangerine treats for ages 2+
  • Children’s DHA™ – chewable, strawberry-flavored omega-3s support brain and visual function for ages 3+
  • Baby’s DHA – omega-3s for babies 5-35 lbs. with a measured dropper for easy addition to formula or food 

Disclosure: All of the opinions in this post are my own. I was not compensated for this post but I am eligible for a prize package.


  1. What a huge story. I think you did right in going straight to research and doing what makes sense to you. You made some great healthy choices. Thanks for sharing your story.
    -Jamaise @ Wishing Penny