Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toughhound Personalized Dog Collar

Phone number blurred for privacy

When I moved into my house nearly twenty years ago, the local animal community learned my weakness. All of the stray animals turned up on my front porch knowing that I would not turn them away. After years of bringing in lost and injured animals, getting them treatment, and finding their owners, I finally ended up keeping one of them.

Zoe showed up on in my driveway one day while I was gone. My daughter called saying there was a small dog in the driveway and she thought she had been hit by a car. I had my daughter take her in to our vetranarian. Unfortunately, she was not hit by a car, but what the victim of abuse and neglect.

I posted fliers and articles in the paper and never located her owners. I was really hoping that maybe she snuck out and was injured after she left. After three months of looking for her previous owners, I decided to find her a new home. I knew that she was small and would make a great pet for my step-father who was home bound. Unfortunately, my step-father passed away. So Zoe has taken over my home.

Zoe is now the unofficial mascot of my small community. She spends the night with my grandson regularly and is randomly taken for a day at a time by several other community members for a day of playing with their kids. Since she loves to go visit with everyone, I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a collar with her name and my number just in case she wandered off.

I received her Toughhound collar and was very impressed. The pink is a nice neon pink, that stands out against her dark hair. The engraving is more of a laser engraving versus etched so there are no rough edges caused by the engraving. The collar is also true to size. Zoe is a small dog (about 12 pounds) and her collar fits perfectly. I initially was concerned that the collar would not be flexible enough for her small little neck. It turned out that the Toughhound collar is very flexible.

The engraved portion is actually riveted in place on the collar. When i thought about it, it seemed a little strange since the dog's information would not hang lower on the neck like a traditional name tag. However, I did find an advantage to this. The buckle is the heaviest part of the collar, so it drops to the front of the dogs neck. That leaves the name plate up near the top of the dog's neck making it visible all of the time. I also decided that if for any reason my dog wore out her Toughhound collar (VERY unlikely) The name plate could be easily inserted onto another collar by weaving the new collar through the name plate. 

I can really see the benefits in this collar for a sporting dog. I think that the Toughhound collar would be the perfect product for my Labrador that lives in the mud and water. I also think that the bright colors are great for a hunting dog to make them easy to see.

Zoe hiding after I put her Toughhound collar on

There is a little weight to the collar caused by the buckle. That does not bother me, but it clearly was not a big hit with Zoe. She immediately ran and buried herself under a blanket. Don't worry, this is normal behavior for her with a collar. If I pull out her harness, she bounces out of hiding, knowing that she is going for a car ride.

Some Pro's:
  • Easy to clean (just wipe off the mud)
  • Bright color makes the collar easy to see
  • No sharp edges
  •  True to size fit

Some con's:
  • A little heavy for a smaller size dog

Disclaimer: I received the product described above free of charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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