Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tommee Tippee 360° sealer™ Diaper Disposal System Review

Exclusively at Babies“R”Us, the 360° sealer™ individually seals each dirty diaper to help lock in odor

I have never used a diaper disposal system before the  Tommee Tippee 360° sealer™  so I had not expectations. Not that I like going out to the garbage can everytime my child poops, but I have not had any other experiences.

When the Tommee Tippee 360° sealer™  arrived, I was ready to get started. In fact, I was so ready, I forgot to read the instructions (OOPS!). Fortunately, instructions are not really required. Overall it only took about a minute to set up the refill and have the Tommee Tippee 360° sealer ready to go. 

Now it is time for the big test....the poopy diaper test! After dropping in a dirty diaper and a twist of the knob, I was done. Yup, that really is all there was to it. Well, I am still repeating these steps since the dirty diapers have not stopped, but it is so easy that I do not mind.

Inside view. Drop a diaper in!

The plastic refill does not seem like it would do much since it is so thin, but it really does trap in the odor. The only time I noticed any form of "stink" is when I went to dump the bin when it was full.

The pail comes fully assembled
The pail can hold up to 30 diapers
Each refill seals up to 100 diapers
The film contains built-in antimicrobial protection
The color indicator in the film lets you know when you’re running low
The film is made from easy to tear material, making emptying the diaper pail quick and simple
EasiSlide drawer for easy emptying

I have been very happy with the  Tommee Tippee 360° sealer. This is a great  and affordable way to hide stinky diapers and keep away the smell.

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