Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Terracycle Re-purposed Products

Disclosure: In exchange for this review and giveaway, I was given the product for free. However, my opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

With the Holidays quickly approaching, the last thing on most peoples minds is the waste that we will create. I was given an opportunity to review a couple of products made by a company called Terracycle. With the way that most people think and not knowing how much my readers like to recycle or reuse, I was nervous about trying to think of a way to write up a post.

Then I noticed that a box of Entemann's Little Bites sitting on my fridge had a Terracyle logo on the side. Hmm. Here is a company that I know very little about, but yet they are sitting on the side of a package I see all of the time. Then I started to look at the products that Terracycle upcycles into new and creative items. I like the concept of keeping trash out of a landfill, but how good can they possibly be if they are made into new products?

The products arrived at my door and before I opened the box, I let out a big sigh. Once I opened the package, I was more than surprised. I am not quite sure what I was expecting from the Terracycle products, but I loved them.

I was sent a mail bag and a Lays large tote. First of all, let me say that I have seen, and purchased, several reusable bags over the last few years. None of the bags that I have seen or purchased have had as much personality as these bags.

The Shopping Tote:

Look at how cute my Lay's bag is. It is bright and cheery and I promise that it will not get mixed up with any other shoppers bags. The bag is thick and very durable. The actual size of this bag is a little larger than a traditional paper bag, so it will hold a decent amount of groceries or whatever else you may want to pack in it.

Look inside! It is just as cute!

I managed to pack an entire 20 pound bag of sweet potatoes inside of my Lay's bag and it held strong!  This bag is definitely high quality and fun from any angle. Knowing that it is made from upcycled products that people use everyday is just an added bonus to this bag.

The Mailbag:

The mailbag is just that. It looks just like the bag a bank or retail store would use for holding cash and checks needing to be deposited. There is one zipper pouch and a smaller pocket on the side that does not close.

I initially thought that I would not be able to find a use for the mail bag that I received. Then I started a new job. I do not have my own desk and I do not have a locker. So all personal items need to come in with me and leave with me.

Part of the problem with where I work and what I do, is personal belongings are expensive and walk away quite often. Pens are considered gold because they are always getting set down and walking off in someone's pocket. Unfortunately, it is never the correct pocket they walk away in.

The inside of the zipper pocket is nicely lined in a suede like material so it is soft and gentle on whatever you place inside. The zipper pocket is a lifesaver and keeps my personal belongings neat, tidy, and out of view of the pen eating pockets that walk by me on a regular basis. The exterior of the pouch is canvas and there are a few rivets on the edge of the exterior pocket to add a little decoration. The exterior pocket is lined in the same canvas that is found on the exterior of the pouch and works great to keep my granola bar for quick access.

It turns out that the mailbag was actually the item my husband kept taking an hiding. He was hoping that I would forget about it so he could start using it to carry his cell phone in for work since the new phones seem to be too big to fit in a pocket comfortably. I will absolutely be sneaking over to Terracycle to purchase a second one of these!

If you are looking for a great gift item or just a fun way to package a gift item that you are giving this holiday season, think about keeping a few pieces of trash from joining your local landfill and allow it to be re-purposed  by Terracycle. Take a look, some of the items they make would be a big hit with family and friends of all ages!

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