Monday, November 25, 2013

Dohmie by Marpac #serioussleep

Disclosure: I received the product described in this review in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and may vary from your own.

As parents, we have all had those nights where our child just will not sleep. They fight going to sleep or they just keep waking up. If you have children, you know exactly what I am talking about. You also know the frustration that comes with these sleepless nights.

The Dohmie is a white noise machine that was created to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep.
When I received my Dohmie, it could not have come at a better time. My 6 month old daughter is teething and trying to adjust to the time change that just occurred. Her sleep patters are completely off and she has been fighting going to sleep at night.


Now instead of waiting to 11pm for her to fall asleep, I have been using the Dohmie. It is not perfect and does not "make" her fall asleep, but it definitely has cut the crying time down and keeps her asleep after she falls asleep. 

The Dohmie itself is what I would consider a medium size unit and does not weigh a lot. The actual unit does not require batteries which is a plus in my home. That does mean that you will need an open electrical outlet inside your child's room that is far enough away from where they sleep, or reach, to avoid injuries. 

The Dohmie is a white noise machine. That means that it makes a subtle noise to help eliminate silence in the room and provide comfort to your child. The actual noise that the Dohmie makes sounds a little like breathing. It is not loud, but it is noticeable from anywhere within the room that the unit is placed. 

After using the unit for several nights, I did notice that my daughter is sleeping longer through the night. I did also notice that the nights that she is not fighting falling asleep as long. To explain, before using the Dohmie, she would go anywhere from an hour to 2 hours crying as she fought the bedtime routine. Now with the use of the Dohmie, she spends about 30 minutes crying before falling asleep. 

The noise and volume of the machine is adjustable. With the turn of a button, you can control the level of noise. I am sure that adjusting the volume level to the perfect sound will vary from child to child. I live in a quiet town with very little outdoor noise, so I keep the volume fairly low. I can imagine that a family that lives in a large busy city or near a main street, may need to raise the volume a little more to drown out the exterior noises.

The Dohmie is designed to be portable, but I found that the size of the unit makes it a little inconvenient to take with me. The actual size of the unit is 2.4 pounds, 7.4 inches around, and about 4 inches tall. The size of the unit makes it difficult to toss in a diaper bag or just take with you on a trip.

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