Friday, November 1, 2013

Milk Unleashed #Milk

When you think of the Holidays, I am pretty sure that milk is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, with all of the baking that most households do or even that our families do, there could not be a better time to add an extra dose of milk to out children.

There is now also a shelf stable milk that comes in Tetra Pak cartons and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened. These shelf stable milk carton are still the same Grade A milk that you are used to, it just does not require refrigeration until the package is opened. These small and portable cartons of milk are perfect for your child's school lunches or your Holiday road trips. 

With the health issues that are found in my home, we use chocolate milk to hide a much needed medication. The chocolate milk hides the taste of the medication and ensures that the medication is taken and that no life threatening issues arise. We have also just recently switched to organic milk to avoid some of the unnecessary hormones and antibiotics that can interfere with the medication that is being taken.  There are several varieties of milk in shelf stable packages available that are organic. Or maybe today your children have been incredibly well behaved and they deserve a small treat. You can buy flavored varieties that include; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and even cereal flavored Fruity Trudy. Could you ask for anything else is a quick nutritious and sometimes indulgent drink for your family.

These small containers are the perfect portion size for children and have been used in my home for lunches and even for a drink with an afternoon snack.  And if you sneak a peak inside my diaper bag you will find at least one box of organic chocolate milk inside just in case I need to give medication to my son away from home. 

To make it even better, these great little containers filled with nutritious milk can be found at your local grocery store and are made by several different companies including Horizon, Hershey’s, Organic Valley, Cow Wow, Borden and LALA. If you want to add a healthier treat to your child's diet this Holiday season you can learn more about milk in Tetra Pak cartons at, on Twitter @milkunleashed, Facebook and Pinterest.

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