Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shout Out to SOCK It To Me!

The one thing that I do not regularly do, is write a post about a product that I have purchased. Of course that is how I started this blog years ago, but I have found that I have strayed away from that over the last year or so. I have found a brand that I feel deserves a write up especially with the gift buying season upon us. In fact, this would have been a great post for back to school too, but I have been a little backed up with life.

The brand that I have fallen in love with is called SOCK it to me. They are a Portland Oregon based company that was started in 2004. The first time I ran across these socks, I was under a bridge in downtown Portland at an outdoor market called Saturday Market. If you have never been to the Portland area, the Saturday Market is a blend of local Portland artists and the eclectic. (I am trying to be politically correct here.) You can find everything from handmade ceramics to tie dye clothing.

While my family and I were looking through the local vendors "booths," we came across one that had some really wild and crazy socks. My daughter was immediately drawn in. Something about knee high socks, bright colors, and skulls. I very graciously bought her three pairs. Two of them were striped socks with skulls and one that were red socks with monkeys on them.

For months she ranted and raved over her crazy socks and I just could not seem to figure out what the big deal was. After all, I have children, I don't usually wear crazy socks unless it is Halloween. Okay fine, maybe I have a pair of rainbow socks with the sewn in toes, but that is not public knowledge.

Fast forward about 5 years. My oldest daughter still has not outgrown her crazy design phase and she has managed to rub a teeny bit of her style of on me. One day she convinced my husband to buy a pair for me because she knew that I loved frogs and she knew that my "normal" job is working as a nurse. They came home from a local store with the cutest darn socks even. A darker green sock with a big frog on the side,and a pair of grey socks with stethoscopes and needles on them. I was not sure when I would wear them. They did not exactly match my everyday scrubs for work. But I slipped a pair on just for fun and I have been hooked ever since.

Here is why I am hooked. Clearly as a Gen X child, I am not young in years, but I am not old at heart. I am not really physically aging very gracefully either, and standing on my feet for 12 hours a day causes serious issues with my poor legs. I found that SOCK it to me socks are a dream come true for more sore tired legs and add a cute twist to whatever I am wearing. They are thick feeling without the physical bulk of a thick sock and they are great for improving circulation through your legs. I hear some of you saying, "They are just socks." No they are not!! They are fun, crazy, and indescribably soft.  

About a year after getting my first pairs of SOCK it to me socks, I have grown my collection to about 30 pairs. I now have socks that have traveled to Africa with me and others that I covet. I know that I am probably the only person that went to Africa on vacation wearing Giraffe and Zebra socks, but I know that I had cozy feet through my whole trip.

If you need a great gift item for this Holiday Season, or any other time. SOCK it to me socks are a great and possibly crazy gift item. 

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