Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Get Ready For Santa with TastyKake

FTC Disclosure: In exchange for this review, I was given the product for free. However, my opinions are my own and 100% honest.

About Tastykake
For nearly 100 years, iconic Philadelphia snack cake company, Tastykake  has baked the freshest cakes, pies, cookies and doughnuts to satisfy their devoted followers' craving for indulgent little treats, creating a celebrated line of classic snack cakes nationwide. 
Are you ready for Santa to come to your house? Do you have your milk and cookies ready too? Why not mix it up a little bit this year and sneak a TastyKake on the plate for Santa Claus? Not only will Santa love the Holiday treats, but your entire family will. 

There are currently 3 Holiday varieties that are available for you to choose from. I recently was just sent a box of TastyKake goodies to try and I may fit into the Santa suit myself this year. I could not stop eating them!

  • Candy Cane Cakes: Tastykake's Candy Cane Kakes provide sweet lovers with a fun and delicious combination of layered white cake with red peppermint creme' and a white peppermint flavored coating with a decorative red drizzle. These festive cakes not only taste great, they are a perfect way to show-off traditional candy cane colors during the holidays. 
If you like peppermint, this is the treat for you. With a light peppermint frosting tucked inside a soft cake then dipped in frosting, who could ask for anything more? These were definitely the favorite in my house. I found that what I need is an industrial sized box to satisfy my peppermint sweet tooth this Holiday Season.

  • Coconut Frosty Cakes
    • Featuring a dark chocolate covered coconut candy kake, Tastykake's Coconut Frosty Kakes are the perfect treat for chocolate lovers.
Here is another weakness. (Gosh TastyKake, how did you manage to find two of my weaknesses?) Coconut Frosty Cakes are a little bit of delight in every bite. Packed full of sweet coconut and dipped in chocolate. Yum!! I know that not everyone is a coconut fan, but if you are, these are amazing! I think that Santa and his reindeer would all love to find one of these waiting for them next to a tall glass of milk.

  • Santa Snacks
    • Tastykake Santa Snacks include tasty creme-filled vanilla cake with holiday icing and festive sprinkles.
Santa Snacks are the everyday TastyKake cupkakes with an added twist of red frosting and Holiday sprinkles. If you have never tried a Tastykake, you should know that the Kake in every bite is moist and a dense. There is no skimping but fluffing the cake with air. There is no hint of a sponge in there either (Admit it, you know what I am taking about). They are pure heaven with a little delight in every bite you take.  

Next time you are at the store shopping for your upcoming Holiday dinner, don't forget Santa Claus and Ms Claus too. They will appreciate the extra thought in your plate of goodies this year.

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