Saturday, September 8, 2012

EasyClean Duster Review

There is nothing worse than dusting in my house. I live in a small cow town and I am surrounded by pastures. If I dust my house, ten minutes later things are dusty again. Unfortunately, I hate dust on everything. The EasyClean Duster is a unique way to dust your blinds and even the top of your cabinets and doors. 

Assembling the EasyClean Duster is simple. I was a matter of sliding just a few pieces onto the handle. My first goal, to clean my very neglected blinds in my front room. I have a wood burning stove that sits about 2 feet from that window so the amount of dust builds up fast. The EasyClean Duster effectively removed dust from my blinds. What I did find is that it was not quick and easy to clean the open blinds. I needed to close the blinds completely. When they were open (down with the slats opened up) I found myself fighting to line the EasyClean Duster up with the slats in the blinds for each section.

Next test was my shelving. I have a large entertainment center with shelves galore. They are pretty, but a complete pain to clean. It was very easy to clean of the shelves quickly without much effort. I did not need to do anything special to clean the shelves. Just move a few items, wipe, and shove the items back. Quick, easy, and done!

My last test was my ceiling fans. If you think that I ever clean them on a regular basis you are wrong. I am a lazy duster. I only dust what I see. I cannot see the top of my ceiling fan blades so why bother, right? I have short ceilings and I am very tall, so I did not need to attach a long handle to clean my fans. The EasyClean Duster cleaned my ceiling fan blades a little too well. ICK! Apparently there was enough dust up there breeding that the baby dust bunnies started to jump when I made my first pass. I had little bunnies falling from the sky. I had to take my EasyClean out side to shake off the dust so I could continue the process.

Overall, the EasyClean Duster worked amazingly well. I love that the pads are removable and washable, so there is no need to throw anything away or replace after each use. The idea of adding a handle is great. There are a few places in my house where a longer reach will be needed. But that involves the garage (known as the man cave here) and spiderwebs. I do my best to avoid both of those.

Disclaimer: I received the product described above free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by another party. Your results and opinions may vary from my own.


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  2. This sounds so neat! Im going to have to try one =]