Monday, September 3, 2012

Mash Nail Polish Review

As a student in the healthcare industry, I am not allowed to keep acrylic nails but I love to have colors on my fingers. Fortunately, My natural nails grow like crazy.

I recently had an opportunity to try Mash Nail Polish. I chose to review the nail treatment set and colors that would pop out on my blog when I took photos to ensure that my readers could see how the product actually looked on.

The nail treatment set is a must for anyone that keeps natural nails and does not use an acrylic or gel nail covering. The set contains a milky base coat, a strengthener, a non-yellowing top coat,  a ridge-filler , a wet lock top coat, and a quick dry polish.The ridge filler gets rid of those unsightly lines that no one wants to look at on their nails. The base coat is a must for me. I applied the base coat to my nails before painting them to ensure that the neon colors would not stain my nails. The top coats are great to seal the deal. They go on easily over the color to seal it and provide a little extra protection to the polish.

Mash Neon Orange with a matte topcoat

Mash Neon colors are unique. The colors in the neon set are red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green. The colors are bright, but they are also scented. . I have never been wild on making my house smell like nail polish, so this was a nice change. There is still an undertone of the nail polish smell, but I could definitely smell the fruity scents. The polish went on smoothly and covered quickly. The best part? It dried quickly!

Overall I was very happy with Mash Nail Polish. I had no staining from the colors and the polish did not chip right away. 

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Disclaimer: I received the products reviewed above at no charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own adn were not influenced in anyway.

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