Friday, September 7, 2012

Gutzy Gear Back to School Party

Gutzy Gear is the creator of products that are designed for back packs and book bags. They are a small black strap that uses Velcro to easily attach to any strap that your child may have. There are patches that you can purchase separately that you can place on the straps to make each day a little different and add personality to the straps.

I was recently given an opportunity to host a Gutzy Gear Party for my friends and family. In order to make things a little more fun, I planned a theme that was designed for back to school. I set up Gutzy Gear Bingo cards for the kids to play. Who would have known that kids still enjoyed something as simple as bingo?

We had a day of food, games, and Gutzy Gear decorating contests. The kids took it upon them selves to make sure that my school bag was also ready to go before they left. Even adults should have a smile on their shoulder when the walk in a classroom!

The one thing that I found at my party with Gutzy gear is that there is a limited age range that is interested. The younger children loved them (5-8 years old) and the older kids were not highly impressed.

Everyone, kids and adults, had a great time playing, exchanging patches with each other, and decorating their backpacks to get ready for back to school. Gutzy Gear is definitely a way to get a child ready and excited for the new school year.

*Disclaimer: I received the products described above to host a party for my guests. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. Your opinions and experience may vary.

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